Rose Gold Tiered Gemstone Drop Earrings – Amethyst, Aquamarine & Pink Tourmaline Earrings | Yael Sonia

Perpetual Motion

Solo Tiered Earrings


Color: Rose Gold w/ Aquamarine, Amethyst & Pink Tourmaline


Solo Tiered Earrings
18k rose gold, aquamarine, amethyst and pink tourmaline.

Design Insight: geometric drops emphasize the three-dimensional quality of these strikingly long earrings.


4mm aquamarine (0.96ct)
6mm amethyst (3.41ct)
8mm faceted pink tourmaline (7.7ct)

Set in Motion: at the center of the graduated cubes are aquamarine, amethyst and pink tourmaline spheres that rotate and gently clink against their sleek gold frames.

Size & Fit

Height: 3.5cm (approximately)

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