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Atelier sp 1

We welcome you inside our São Paulo atelier. Steeped in the natural beauty of Brazil and designed to tell Yael’s story, the intimate space displays her inspirations and creations side by side in perfect harmony.

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Lined in Brazilian walnut from its walls to its hardwood floors, the warm and streamlined room was reimagined in collaboration with designers Isabella Giobbi and Erika Bittar.

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A mirrored wall adorned with rough Brazilian gemstones like amethyst, citrine and black tourmaline acts as the showroom’s centerpiece. Its beveled diamond design reflects the architectural lines that are characteristic of Yael’s work, and honors the beauty of organic stones.

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Atelier sp 13

A circular side table cut like a spinning top offers a subtle nod to one of Yael’s most loved silhouettes. Up above, matte black pendant lights reveal a medley of shapes reminiscent of the collection itself.

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Nubby lines, woven straw and jagged geodes contrast with the sleek wood to add effortless texture.

Atelier sp 8

A custom-crafted bookshelf with lattice doors lends drama - and breaks up the neutral room with its polished, metallic objects.

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